Shady Lane Farms

Quality livestock..from our farm to yours....Rabbitry, Goats, Poultry, Pigs, and Registered Miniature Horses

Welcome to Shady Lane Farms in Wilson North Carolina!!  Find our new site at                                                                                                                          



 Our goal is to produce healthy, pasture raised, steroid free livestock for breedstock, pets,or meat.. Raising our livestock my full time job...We also have a small herd of Registered Miniature Horses.

We raise our livestock on pasture , free of steroids, or any harmful additives. We are a self sufficient farm, and  everything that is produced has a use in one way or another. Our animals get one on one attention everyday, and the best care we can provide.  . We will be offering fresh farm raised chicken beef ,and pork when available. USDA where required, We occasionally sell offspring from our livestock for breedstock for pets. We raise, and enjoy everything we produce, straight off of our lovely farm here in eastern NC.. As soon as we get moved in good, we will be offering farm visits for your enjoyment...for time being, please enjoy our "virtual farm"site..  We appreciate you coming to visit!

 Contact us for more info on availability of our critters!!  Heather



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